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Возьмите с собой сумку


Arrived on vacation and do not want to waste time cooking food, then you should come to us. Imagine that your grandmother flew with you, prepared a lot of delicious food, carefully put everything in containers and put it in the refrigerator.

This is now possible with"Eda na Samui" delivery service. It is not at all necessary to waste time, energy, spending many hours at the stove, just choose the necessary dishes, and our chefs will prepare them, the delivery service will deliver to your home at the time specified by you.

Комплект поставки
Delivery Boxes in a Truck


Eda na Samui Co., Ltd. has its own workshop for the production of food products such as dairy products (cottage cheese, kefir, sour cream), frozen semi-finished products (cutlets, dumplings, dumplings, stuffed pancakes, etc.), We also organized the delivery of frozen semi-finished products of our own production throughout the Kingdom Thailand.

Now you do not have to make dumplings or cook cottage cheese yourself, but simply place an order on our website and in a day or two (depending on the province) prepare and feed your loved ones and friends with delicious Russian cuisine.

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